Max Ernst

( born Germany. 1891–1976 ). To France 1922; in U.S.A. 1941–50.)

The German painter-poet Max Ernst was a member of the dada movement and a founderof surrealism. A self-taught artist, he formed a Dada group in Cologne, Germany, with other avant-garde artists. He pioneered a method called frottage, in which a sheet of paper is placed on the surface of an objectand then penciled over until the texture of the surface is transferred. In 1925, he showed his work at the first surrealist painting exhibition in Paris.


Here Everything Is Still Floating [Le vapeur et le poisson]. (1920)

Cut-and-pasted halftone relief and pencil on halftone relief on paper


The Horse, He's Sick [Un peu malade, le cheval]. (1920)

Cut-and-pasted halftone relief, graphite and gouache on halftone relief on paper